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Words Unspoken, Things Unseen tells the story of Reverend Stephen Bentham, founder and director of the Settlement, a homeless shelter that is about to be demolish. The pastor draws on the loyalty of Jósue Félix Guzmán also known as Molca (his assistant), Dr. Manfred Saul Reese (the house physician), and Rhoda Bart (a visiting archeology professor) to save the hundred beds of the shelter. Juanito Andrés Téllez, a school-age boy also joins the effort.

While Rhoda secretly searches for artifacts within the confines of the Settlement, the Alliance of Churches and Developers led by James Hannity wants them evicted. The city wants the property and the college as well. Fending off the bulldozers tests each character of this story. Their own troubled histories compel them to help. One of the toughest challenges is burying the house physician when he succumbs to cancer during their fight to preserve the shelter.